Behind Our Name


A long time ago, during a period of great rebellion and wickedness, God decided to send a catastrophic flood that would wipe mankind from the face of the earth. One man named Noah, however, found favour in the eyes of God because he was a righteous man. God gave him specific instructions to build a gigantic ark and, upon its completion, bring into it his family, along with a pair of every living creature. Noah did all that he was commanded.

When the ark was completed after many years, the flood came, and everything on earth was destroyed. Everything, except for the ark and those in it.

The name Ark Advisors draws inspiration from this account. Noah’s long-term dedication towards completing the ark serves as our guiding ethos in delivering on our promises. We are committed to supporting our clients through their business cycles with the best of our resources. In the process, we build the resilience of our clients as well as ours. Thus strengthened, we shall weather the elements together, as Noah and all in his ark did.